Open terrace without fencing

The simplest view of the terraces, which is a wooden decking – continuation of the house. The flooring itself may be made of wood, stone or tiles.

If you choose natural wood, then be prepared for regular repairs and maintenance. The harder the wood, the more resistant it is to the whims of weather and temperature changes. It is recommended to clean the wood flooring with a brush and detergent solution annually, sand it and cover with a special impregnation.

The minimalistic architecture of the open terrace implies a modern design style. It will perfectly fit the elements of concrete and glass decor, massive furniture made of natural wood and textiles of ecological colors.

Outdoor terrace with fencing

The wooden terrace with railing is an integral part of the classic image of the summer house. When arranging it, special attention is paid to the floor. One of the most popular materials for finishing is decking (a mixture of sawdust and polymers). It looks beautiful and modern, is comfortable to work with, and at the same time does not rot and is not subject to changes in temperature and humidity.

Soft plaids, sun glare on the slightly shabby floor, locks and a rocking chair are attributes of unobtrusive and cozy rustic style, which is perfect for decoration of an open terrace with a fence. By the way, in the evenings, homemade light fixtures look great on such terrace.

Covered terrace (Sunroom)

One of the most important elements of the terrace – the roof. The decorative roof does not protect against precipitation and wind but creates shade and visual limitations. The traditional roof protects from rain, snow, wind and sun. There are also retractable roofs, stretch roofs, roof tents. The choice of materials is not limited – wood, glass, fabric, plastic.

it is better to make a sunroom not on your own, but with the help of the glass sunroom company. As a decoration for the covered terrace will fit perfectly swing stall. Here you can also put a soft sofa for reading and rest or organize a dining area with a round table and classic Viennese chairs.

Glass annex

A great opportunity to enjoy nature in the most comfortable conditions: the glass annex is fully protected from the weather and at the same time completely open to the eye.

The glazed terrace is a unique find for a decorator, as it provides a great space for creativity. The first thought, which asks for itself, is the living-dining room. Ideally, if the continuation of the closed terrace is an open wooden deck, where you can organize a barbecue area and summer kitchen. Add to the decor flowers in massive clay pots, put a couple of vintage chairs and a comfortable sofa.

Roof terrace

Its design often resembles a miniature garden. On rooftops, lawns are planted, orchards are planted and spicy herbs are grown. When arranging a rooftop terrace is important to observe three basic conditions:

  • flat roof slope;
  • waterproofing system, drainage of rainwater and melt water;
  • roof insulation.

The floors can be made of any material – wood, stone, tiles – and even lined with natural lawns.

The style of decoration reflects the eco concept of the building – natural materials, minimalistic decor, natural colors. On the roofs also erect tents, arrange verandas with mobile retractable roofs.