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How to Use PLR Content in Giveaways for Quick Prizes

Giveaways: Use PLR for Quick Prizes Giveaways, if done right, can be an excellent way to grow your mailing list and get new leads. There is a proper way of hosting one and WishPond is my go-to source for information. Really, read the WishPond blog. Simple Giveaways with PLR Content Select your PLR – choose […]

How to Use PLR Content to Create Your FAQs Page

Create FAQs Page? Sara, aren’t they outdated and totally unnecessary? I know there are people who say FAQs are pointless and unnecessary but I beg to differ. When I want to know something, I usually do the following: I’ll visit the About page to find out more about the company. Hopefully, it will have a […]

Course Creation: How to Transform DFY Content into a Course

Course creation is all the talk right now, isn’t it? Everyone is making a virtual course or even teaching live workshops. Are you considering a course for your business? Course Creation is A Long Process (or is it?) Many moons ago I wrote a book, turned it into a bi-yearly blog challenge, and turned the […]

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